A new Quest 3 leak reveals you need new accessories


A new Quest 3 leak reveals you need new accessories

Image: Meta

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A photo of a third-party Quest 3 head strap accessory beside one from a Quest 2 shows you can’t mix and match these components.

The Quest 3 will launch soon. Meta will showcase the new budget VR headset at CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote address during the Connect event on September 27, 2023. A large number of details have already been revealed, many by Meta itself, along with plenty of leaks.

Quest 3 and Quest 2 head straps

The latest leak comes from VR Panda, a VR accessories manufacturer, who shared a photo of two head straps on X. One has a significantly longer connector.

By checking the model number ME29EM, we know that the head strap on the right is a Quest 2 Elite Strap. The one on the left is something new.

The pill-shaped hole at the top indicates this is an accessory meant for the upcoming Quest 3, which we know has a USB-C charging port within the front-left head strap.

While we held out hope that our favorite Quest 2 accessories might work with the new headset, the incompatibility isn’t really surprising. The USB-C port’s placement was an obvious issue.

It’s unclear why Meta would lengthen the connector on the Quest 3, but perhaps there is some structural benefit that might help to prevent breaks.



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