A Reddit post fuels speculation

Meta Quest 3 Lite: A Reddit post fuels speculation

Image: u/LuffySanKira

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Pictures of an unknown Quest headset appeared on Reddit over the weekend, but it is unclear if this is a real product.


On Saturday, an anonymous Reddit user named u/LuffySanKira posted screenshots of two graphics that look like promotional material for an unknown Quest headset.

The Reddit post has since been deleted.


The graphics appear to be from a Zoom call in which Meta staff showed potential advertising materials to selected users to for feedback (under NDA). Therefore, the headset shown, its name, and its specifications may just be non-final placeholders.

The graphics may indeed come from Meta, but it’s unclear if they really show the long-rumored “Meta Quest 3 Lite” (name unconfirmed), a headset that, according to various reports, will be released in 2024 and will replace Quest 2.

The “S” in the product name Meta Quest 3S indicates a technical upgrade compared to Quest 3, while the new headset will be a downgrade according to all reports: with the same chip as Quest 3, but the Fresnel lenses of Quest 2 and a single LCD panel. The image suggests Fresnel lenses, as the headset has a much larger profile than the Quest 3.

The pictures also show a device with an array of six sensors. This is unlikely because it would increase manufacturing costs and Meta wants to keep the price down compared to the Quest 3.

It is therefore still unclear what Meta Quest 3 Lite will look like and what technical features it will have.

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