Baidu’s ChatGPT competitor Ernie-Bot reaches 100 million users

Baidu’s AI chatbot Ernie Bot has reached more than 100 million users since its launch in August, according to Baidu CTO Wang Haifeng. In the first three months after its launch, the bot reached 70 million users. Baidu CEO Robin Li emphasized the potential of Ernie Bot to increase Baidu’s market share in its core businesses such as search engine, cloud and smart cars. Baidu released version 4.0 of the chatbot at the end of October, which Li said would be on par with GPT-4. According to Reuters, Ernie scored 79.02 points on the SuperCLUE benchmark, putting it at the top of Chinese chatbots, but ten points behind ChatGPT. ChatGPT is also clearly ahead in terms of user numbers, with 150 to 200 million (!) monthly users.

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