CentML aims to tackle high cost of AI models

AI startup CentML has raised $27 million in an extended seed round to develop tools that reduce the cost of deploying machine learning models and improve performance. With participation from Gradient Ventures, TR Ventures, Nvidia, and Microsoft Azure AI VP Misha Bilenko, the funding will be used to bolster product development, research, and staff expansion. CentML’s software identifies bottlenecks in model training and predicts the total time and cost of deployment, with a compiler that optimizes workloads for best performance on target hardware.

CentML was founded in 2022 by CEO Gennady Pekhimenko, an expert in ML systems, and a team from Amazon, Google, NVIDIA, and IBM. The startup provides a software platform for optimizing AI models for performance and cost-effectiveness, which is much needed in generative AI.

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