Google announces AI updates for search and Gemini for Samsung’s new S24


As part of Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked conference, Google announced two major search updates: Circle to Search and AI-powered multisearch.

With Circle to Search, users can search for content such as images, text, or video directly on the screen of their Android phone without leaving the app they are using. The feature will launch on select premium Android smartphones starting January 31, including the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, and the new Galaxy S24 series announced at the event. Ads will also appear in search results.

AI-powered multisearch, on the other hand, allows users to point their camera at an object, ask a question, and get AI-powered results that go beyond visual matches. An early version of multisearch already exists in Google Lens. But Google says the new version leverages advances in generative AI and should allow users to ask more complex questions.

Google uses the example of a board game: “For example, imagine you’re at a yard sale and you come across a strange-looking board game. There’s no box or instructions, so immediately some questions spring to mind: What is this game and how is it played? This is where the new multisearch experience can help.” The company had already announced similar plans with MuM, and now the capabilities demonstrated then seem to be catching on with end users. The multisearch feature can also be accessed through Circle to Search.



Video: Google

AI-powered overviews in multisearch results will be available in the Google app for Android and iOS in English in the U.S. this week. Outside the U.S., testers in Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) and Search Labs can try the Multi-Search feature.

Google’s Gemini is coming to Samsung’s S24

In addition to the new search options, Samsung and Google also jointly announced the integration of Google’s Gemini models into Samsung’s S24 smartphones and apps. The more powerful AI model Gemini Pro and the locally executable Gemini Nano will be integrated into Samsung apps such as Notes, Voice Recorder, and Keyboard to provide better summarization and editing capabilities. Samsung is also one of the first companies to use Google’s most powerful Gemini model, Gemini Ultra.

In addition, new Google Messages features such as Magic Compose and Photomoji will be introduced on the Samsung S24. Android Auto is also updated to automatically summarize text messages and suggest relevant responses and actions.

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