Google’s Pixel 8 is “engineered and built for the generative AI era”


Google has announced that the Pixel 8 Pro will be the first device to run Google’s generative AI foundational models in a distilled version on the device, powered by the custom-built Tensor G3 AI chip.

According to Google hardware chief Rick Osterloh, the Pixel 8 is the “first phone engineered and built for the generative AI era.”

AI enhancements include an improved Magic Eraser for photo touch-ups and a recording app that can summarize the highlights of meetings. The Pixel 8 Pro will also feature smart replies in the Gboard keyboard app, which is powered by a large language model. These AI features will roll out via an update in December, except for Magic Eraser, which will be available with the launch of the new Pixel next week.

Google Assistant is also getting a major upgrade with the integration of Bard. Announced at the Made by Google live event, the new version of the mobile personal assistant will be able to handle a wider range of tasks and questions, including personalized responses to queries based on users’ Google apps like Gmail and Google Drive. The update builds on Bard’s mid-September release, which allowed the AI chatbot to integrate with Google apps and services.



You can type, speak to Bard by voice, or show it pictures using the Pixel camera to start a chat. Bard can also answer questions about the content on your screen and automatically translate or summarize web pages for you.

The new features are currently being tested ahead of a wider rollout on Android and iOS in the coming months. The tech giant wants to study how users interact with Assistant with Bard before a wider rollout, including in non-English-speaking countries.

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