Leaked EU AI Act has good news for open-source AI in Europe

Euractiv journalist Luca Bertuzzi has leaked the final text of the EU AI Act. The final yes/no vote is expected to take place in the Committee of Permanent Representatives (COREPER) in early February. It seems there is good news for open-source AI: Third parties will be exempt from certain compliance requirements if they provide AI tools, services, processes or components under a free and open license. Exemptions are foundational models. Developers are also encouraged to use common documentation practices such as model maps and datasheets. This should facilitate the exchange of information in the AI value chain and promote the development of trustworthy AI systems in the European Union.

Software and data, including models, released under a free and open-source licence that allows them to be openly shared and where users can freely access, use, modify and redistribute them or modified versions thereof, can contribute to research and innovation in the market and can provide significant growth opportunities for the Union economy.

EU AI Act Draft

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