Max Mustard is now one of the best looking Quest 3 games


Max Mustard is now one of the best looking Quest 3 games

Image: Toast Interactive

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VR platformer Max Mustard reaches its visual potential on Quest 3, looking stunning thanks to a recent resolution boost.


Max Mustard was released on March 21st for Meta Quest 2, 3 and Pro. In my Quest 3 review of the game, I praised its colorful world and beautiful art style, but criticized its low resolution, which made it look like it was being played on a Quest 2.

Studio Toast Interactive promised a resolution upgrade, which was released on Thursday. And this upgrade really packs a punch: the resolution of the Quest 3 version has been increased by 53 percent, while the Quest 2 version gets a smaller improvement of six percent higher resolution.

A beautiful art style can go a long way in games, and when paired with a high resolution, Max Mustard on Quest 3 really comes into its own. The picture is crisp, and the game world looks sharp even from a distance. It is now without a doubt one of the best looking games on the headset.


“We couldn’t believe how powerful the Quest 3 actually was”

On X, the studio explains why the update only came out after the game was released.

” Testing is hard. We can’t just “give it a try”. If we drop a single frame on any level as a result of the resolution, it fails the test. Every level performs very differently and different again in each of its sections. It’s difficult managing priorities towards the end of development. Focus is needed on game-breaking bugs and quality of life improvements. We couldn’t believe how powerful the Quest 3 actually was and therefore put a bit too much importance on its battery life over resolution. If you wonder why devs often leave the Quest 3 upgrade until after launch, it could be one of these reasons.”

Max Mustard is available on the Quest Store for $30. The game is coming to PC VR headsets and Playstation VR 2 this summer.

Read our Max Mustard review to learn more about the game.

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