Meta Connect and the Quest 3 have an official date in September

Meta Connect and the Quest 3 have an official date in September

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Meta just announced this year’s Meta Connect event, September 27, 2023, and the Quest 3 launch is likely.

The next-generation Quest VR headset is coming soon. Meta just announced the date of the Meta Connect event, which will feature the Quest 3, a powerful upgrade to the aging Quest 2 with several exciting features.

Meta Connect will include AI, VR, and AR

Meta is a metaverse company, and that means more than just virtual reality. Artificial intelligence and augmented reality are part of the event as well.

AI already plays a major role in the Quest platform’s features, and Meta is also exploring using generative AI. Meta recently mentioned that Horizon Worlds could gain AI-enhanced building tools.

In the long term, Meta plans to make advanced AR glasses that will work similarly to its VR headsets, allowing hand-tracking, depth-sensing, object recognition, and more. We might see an update on that progress.

Of course, the highlight will be the launch of the Quest 3. Its improved mixed reality capabilities will help developers build games and apps that bridge the gap between VR and AR.

For VR, the Quest 3 will bring much sharper visuals with a higher-resolution display and pancake lenses. The much faster processor should enable more AAA games like Asgard’s Wrath 2.

How to watch Meta Connect

Meta Connect will be available at Meta said you can also tune in via Facebook or watch in VR with your Quest 2 or Quest Pro in Horizon Worlds.

The keynote with Mark Zuckerberg will be on September 27, 2023. The Developer State of the Union will follow along with other unspecified content. Day 2 will include developer sessions and “product sneak peeks.”

If we do get to order the Quest 3 at the end of September, remember to get enough storage for large games. Meta included a teaser of the Quest 3 in a tweet about the event.

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