Meta Quest Browser gets beta support for browser extensions


Meta Quest Browser gets beta support for browser extensions

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The Meta Quest browser received experimental support for browser extensions, starting with LastPass.


The Meta Quest Browser is getting an experimental feature with Update 32.1, which is being rolled out to a subset of users.

The release notes state the following:

Browser Extensions: Initial rollout of support for selected Browser Extensions. This is a Beta release, currently with LastPass available for installation.

LastPass is a web-based password manager that was supposed to be natively integrated into the Quest browser by early 2023. In 2022, there was a security breach that made headlines, perhaps prompting Meta to halt those efforts.

A support article by Meta, updated two weeks ago, details how to install browser extensions, update them, or disable them individually using a toggle. Browser extensions could significantly enhance the Quest Browser.

“Extensions is currently in beta, more extensions will be added over time,” it says at the end of the article.


The Quest Browser is getting more attention

The 32.1 update introduces another feature for all Quest users: You can now select “New Window” from the Options menu (three-dot menu in the upper-right corner), and a new browser window for multitasking will appear next to the current window. This option now also appears in the context menu when you hold down the trigger on a link. Previously, you could only open a new tab in the same window.

Meta has been paying more attention to the Quest Browser for a few months now, which is no surprise: on Quest 3, the Quest browser is a very popular app due to the color passthrough of the device.

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