Quest 3 continues to see strong growth in SteamVR stats

Quest 3 continues to see strong growth in SteamVR stats

Image: Valve

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Nearly three months after launch, Quest 3 is the 4th most used SteamVR headset according to Valve’s latest hardware stats.


In December, Quest 3’s share increased by a percentage of 2.55. This is about half of its very strong November growth.

At the same time, Quest 2’s share dropped by 2.58, suggesting that many SteamVR users switched from Quest 2 to Quest 3in December. It is surprising that Quest 2 did not gain any ground. Perhaps Valve’s statistics are incorrect and will be corrected in the coming days. It wouldn’t be the first time. Note that the “Other” category shows an increased percentage of 1.27, which is not attributed to any specific headset.

The Quest 3, launched on October 10, 2023, overtook the long-standing HTC Vive in December and is now the 4th most used SteamVR headset, according to the current data.

SteamVR users as a percentage of the total Steam user base remained flat in December at 1.84 percent.

SteamVR statistics of the most used PC VR headsets.

The SteamVR statistics for December 2023 | Image: Screenshot by MIXED


The monthly Steam Hardware & Software Survey tracks all VR headsets that were used with a PC and Steam during the past month and whose users participated in the survey. From this, conclusions can be drawn about the relative distribution of PC VR headsets among each other. However, the survey does not track other VR platforms, such as Playstation VR 2, or standalone devices that are not used with a PC.

Quest headsets can be used wirelessly on a PC via Air Link, Virtual Desktop and, most recently, Steam Link.


After the strong SteamVR debut in November, it was to be expected that Quest 3 would continue to grow in December.

The device could overtake Oculus Rift S in the coming months and become the most-used SteamVR headset after Quest 2 and Valve Index.

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Sources: Steam Hardware & Software Survey (Stats are updated every month)

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