Resemble AI blends human and synthetic voices


Resemble AI is an AI voice toolkit that uses GPT 3.5 and its own models available through an API.

Some of Resemble’s key tools include voice cloning, voice blending, and localization. The localization feature allows the creation of synthetic voices in multiple languages, extending the reach of content to a global audience.

Resemble’s voice blending fill allows users to combine human and synthetic voices for a seamless audio experience.

AI Technology

Resemble AI’s toolkit includes text-to-speech, speech-to-speech, neural audio editing, and voice dubbing capabilities for a wide range of applications. The voice dubbing is impressive.



The platform’s emotion feature adds an infinite range of emotions to speech without requiring new data, providing more nuanced and authentic communication.

It also supports real-time speech-to-speech transformations with granular control over inflection and intonation.

Use Cases

Resemble AI claims to have perfected its product with 200,000 AI voices producing more than two million minutes of audio per month. Resemble AI has found widespread use in various industries, including at the enterprise level.

The Resemblezer Python package can be used for speaker verification, digitization, deepfake detection, and more.

Game Development

With a simple Unity plugin, game developers can create unique voices and speech assets, attach them to characters, and animate them.


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