The Squid Game VR location-based experience is a hit


The Squid Game VR location-based experience is a hit

Image: Sandbox VR / Netflix

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Squid Game Virtuals is the biggest hit so far for Sandbox VR.

Squid Game Virtuals is based on the hit Netflix series and launched in 46 locations at the end of September.

The tech publication Venturebeat now reports that Sandbox VR generated $4.56M with Squid Game Virtuals within the first two months. At a ticket price of $60 per head, this equates to approximately 75,000 visitors — a new launch record for Sandbox VR.

“It’s our best-selling title. It represents over 30% of all tickets sold since its launch. It’s been a phenomenal experience and guests love it,” CEO Steve Zhao told Venturebeat. The company is currently benefiting from the reality TV show Squid Game: The Challenge, which began airing on Netflix in late November.

Squid Game Virtuals imitates the Netflix series – harmlessly

Designed for two groups of six, the VR experience transports visitors to iconic locations from the Netflix series, where they compete in various challenges, including “Red Light, Green Light” and “Crossing the Glass Bridge.” Netflix and Sandbox VR also promise “surprising new twists” that expand the universe of the series.

After each game session, participants will receive personalized highlight videos that capture their virtual reactions in-game and summarize how their very own Squid Game story unfolded.

In addition to Squid Game Virtuals, Sandbox VR offers seven other VR experiences for up to six players each. This content is developed by an in-house game studio and is exclusive to Sandbox VR.

Sandbox VR: From crisis to success

Deadwood Valley, which launched in the summer of 2022 and generated $23 million within a year, is said to have benefited from the influx of new visitors.

Sandbox VR currently employs more than 800 people across all of its locations, but during the pandemic, things were different. In the summer of 2020, SandboxVR had to close all of its locations in North America and Asia and lay off 80 percent of its employees. Sandbox VR began to recover in 2021 when locations began to reopen.

Dean Takahashi from Venturebeat went to experience Squid Game Virtuals and describes what he experienced in his Venturebeat article. Unlike the fictional Squid Game, visitors emerge from the VR experience unscathed and happy. We also tried Sandbox VR, but back in November 2022.

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