The unofficial VR port of Tomb Raider hits early access

The unofficial VR port of Tomb Raider hits early access

Image: Team Beef

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The unofficial VR port of the first Tomb Raider is now in Early Access and available to Patreon backers.


The first early access build for Meta Quest and Pico headsets was released this weekend and lets you play the first Tomb Raider (1996) from a first-person perspective. The controls have been tweaked for a smoother VR experience.

You must own the original game and sideload its assets, or you can only play the demo. It doesn’t matter whether you own the original game or the Remastered Edition, which was released last month. However, the latter is a bit easier to install. You can find the installation instructions on Team Beef’s Patreon page.

Team Beef is making early builds available to Patreon backers only. Once the VR ports are sufficiently tested and matured, they are released for free on Sidequest.

Team Beef has a lot planned for Tomb Raider. As originally announced, the third-person perspective of the original will be implemented and climbing and jumping will be improved. There will also be a PC VR version in a few weeks, but no release date has been set yet.

The first gameplay videos have appeared on Youtube. The one above was made by Team Beef themselves.

More information on the new VR port can be found on Team Beef’s Patreon page and the group’s Discord server.


Team Beef is an official of partner of Flat2VR Studios

Team Beef has brought Half-Life, Doom, Quake and many other PC classics to Meta Quest and Pico headsets. The trio is currently working on a Quest port of Wrath: Aeon of Ruin, which recently left Early Access on Steam.

Team Beef is also a partner of the newly formed Flat2VR Studios, which aims to develop and publish licensed VR ports of popular flat games.

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