You may already be on a date with generative AI, thanks to apps like RIZZ or Plug AI


Who needs shady pickup artists when chatbots can help? Dating bots are looking for customers in the Apple and Google app stores.

While a team of cybersecurity experts from Avast recently warned about LoveGPT, an AI tool that facilitates scams on dating platforms, many people may already be chatting with an AI date without realizing it. Apps like RIZZ or PlugAI are designed to help with AI dating. Simply upload a screenshot of the conversation and the app will provide responses generated by language models.

The apps are part of a whole range of AI services designed to help with dating: also aims to help with chatting, generating personalized conversation starters directly from a screenshot of a profile, and also aims to improve one’s profile. If you want even more personalization, you can create your own chatbot directly via

“The app everyone is secretly using”

While PlugAI has just under 50,000 downloads in the PlayStore, RIZZ already has over half a million installations and advertises itself as “The app everyone is secretly using”. Apple does not provide download numbers, but RIZZ is ranked 85th in the category of free lifestyle apps, ahead of Tesla. PlugAI is currently ranked 109th, and both apps offer expensive premium subscriptions.



It is not clear from the descriptions which models are behind the apps.

How long does an AI conversation last?

Much like ChatGPT for an email or other text, the apps can help you get started, a sort of auto-complete for dating. But they can also accompany the whole conversation.

By the time you meet someone, the effect could be similar to that of a fake profile picture: an interesting AI conversation partner could turn into a boring date.

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